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Proud to Be a Partner:
Though our partnership with below corporations, N.U. Patel & Company offers a range of products as described below:

Kon Corporation, Japan:
At the beginning of 21 century, Mr. Fujii decided to establish Kon Corporation with his former colleagues. Our motto is "Contribution to the world".We always keep it in mind when providing products to ourcustomers.Our company is based on environmental technologycalled "TiO2 photocatalyst".
We are engaged in producing TiO2 products that are quite useful for keeping our environment clean.

Nova PaveSdnBhd, Malaysia :
We are positioning to be the preferred supplier and partner in pavement technologies. We aim to be a global organization with worldwide reach by offering a wide range of products and services. We specialise in the field of civil engineering and we have satisfied customers in commercial sectors, research laboratories, universities and government agencies. We put in extra efforts to link up experts, well-versed in current technology and development to establish ourselves to provide the One-Stop Service and Solution in the fields of pavement, structural, bridges, tunnelling, geo-technical, foundation, transportation, petrochemical, environmental and chemical engineering.

Belgian Fibre Manufacturing, Belgium:
BELGIAN FIBERS SA was established in 1984 as an independent company to produce Polyolefin as well as Polypropylene staple fibres. Today Belgian Fibers is one of the mayor independent Polyolefin fibre producers in the world. For a greater customer confidence BELGIAN FIBERS produces and sells under the ISO-9001 standards

Transmet Corporation, USA
The Transmet Corporation was incorporated in 1979 as a subsidiary of Battelle to commercialize its patented Rapid Solidification Technology (RST) for producing solid metal products directly from a molten state in a fraction of a second. The company was reorganized as an independent, private company in 1990 and now is the worlds' largest supplier of rapidly solidified aluminum alloy particulates used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial products and processes.

Fibrezone, India
Fibrezone was established recently in the year 2005 which is based in Ahmedabad, India. Fibrezone provide solutions which are effective and durable crack control with Fibre. Fibrezone was found for manufacturing of Steel Fibre and Cellulose Fibre for construction and refractories industry for fibre reinforcement.

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